Lego MOCs upload competition

What are Lego MOCs you ask? Well, it stands for “my own creation”.

The BlockFactory wants to see your best creations, you can now upload as many as you like to our site. We promise to display them all and even declare a monthly winner. Winners will even receive a prize! From month to month we will look out for the best Lego MOCs and make sure that the winner gets all the credit!

Click here see the latest Lego MOCs

Over time we hope to have a huge collection of Lego MOCs, we would even welcome building instructions so that others can share creations.

Check out the Lego MOCs here for a few ideas.

Lego train - Lego MOCs

Like the above entry we will also display your Lego MOCs onto our social media sites such as Twitter – and Google+ –

Therefore you can be sure that the creation you made will be seen by thousands of our social fan base!