Stop your Lego models breaking…

Here are a few steps to stop your Lego models breaking.


You’ve recently helped your child build his/her long awaited Lego model, bonding with your child over a toy that you have never grown out of is a great feeling and real joy. I personally have spent many hours helping my son build his Lego trains.

A while back I kept out of my sons Lego collection for a few weeks, I was horrified to find that one of his trains was completely destroyed. Now this wasn’t a deliberate act, but once your Lego model starts to break its like a domino effect especially in the hands of a child. What happens is a piece falls off and the child is obviously upset and trys to fix it themselves, in the process more pieces fall away. Or they fix it but put the piece in the wrong place, overtime a lot of pieces are wrong therefore the whole models breaks.

Preventative steps to stop your child’s Lego models from breaking

  1. Keep the room tidy – periodically teaching your child to tidy after playing with one particular model.
  2. Explain to your child that if a piece breaks don’t attempt to fix it themselves, instead tell a grown up.
  3. Have a place to store all models, this way if a brick falls in storage you will easily find it.

Steps to stop your child’s Lego models from breaking even more

  1. With step 2 above, keep the instruction booklets handy – otherwise there is a great site where you can view them online. Too be honest its easier having the hard copy to hand.
  2. Check to see that they haven’t attempted DIY fixes to the models, this means get familiar with them.
  3. Don’t guess where you think something goes, if in doubt get out the instructions.

Steps to take if the model is all but gone

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Search for the instructions
  3. Depending on how big the model is plan in the time. Putting back together a broken model is harder than putting it together from new as you will now need to locate every brick in a huge pile of already broken models. Nightmare!
  4. Get yourself a cup of coffee!

Believe me I have rebuilt Lego that was unsorted from a box of about 20 models, it took me and my Wife ages. We stupidly gave them back to the children without these preventative steps in place. Therefore we now still have a box of smashed models.

Broken Lego - Stop you Lego models breaking

Broken Lego

From the steps above all of our Lego bought since are still in tact and we trust that they will be for the children to enjoy! Whats the point of Lego when it just sits in a box!?

Unbroken Lego - Stop you Lego models breaking

Unbroken Lego