Lets get social BlockFactory!

Lets get social…don’t be a ghost!

Lets get social

BlockFactory are now in the social universe, for the moment we are only on Twitter and Google+, however we have plans to expand soon!

Here are our “lets get social” links that you may see around the site, please click on them and follow us and then you can be sure not to miss any good cheap deals or top Lego advice:

We have also added a Twitterverse box to our pages so that our readers can see the latest tweets without leaving the blockfactory.co.uk. – this is what it looks like:

Why have we done this?

We want to be as sociable as possible with our readers, we have a lot to contribute to the world of Lego. Lets get social is our buzz words over the next few months to get as many follers on social media sites as possible. We have a bank full of advice, tips and tricks to sort all of your lego problems. We can point you in the right direction to find the cheapest lego around.

We also have added a forum to blockfactory.co.uk, we encourage you to use it however you like to discuss the wonderful plastic bricks we love so much – visit our forum now!

Not only do we have the social networks to keep our readers up to date, the forums to encourage our “lets get social” campaign, we also have our blog, YES, the very thing your reading now. We will communicate our rich blog extracts to the social world!

Finally, we are on the look our for guest bloggers. One of you could be helping us write articles, if you have something of interest to the Lego world we want it shared and this is the place to do it.