LEGO Star Wars 75101: First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

LEGO Star Wars 75101 short review

LEGO Star Wars 75101: Lego star wars is going to get huge over the next few years, with sets coming from out of the new movie we are going to be swamped with Lego money spinners. I for one will buy a majority of these sets as they are awesome, and at the moment the prices are reasonable – especially AFTER xmas 2015. Check out the Star wars range we sell…
LEGO Star Wars 75101

Building the First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

This model has 4 bags inside the box, building the model is pretty easy and the quality of the pieces are pretty decent. The print quality on some of the pieces are very good. Overall the build is easy like I said but it can be a little fiddly especially for small inexperienced hands, but I’m sure Dad would love to help!

Value for money so far… excellent.. 4 bags for £67 on Amazon (at time of post), I can imagine that the price for this model will rocket upwards especially when it retires in a few years e.g. Death star!


Completing the First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

The build was a pleasant experience. It took me 45-60 minutes in all to complete the model. It has a good chunky feel to the design and bits don’t fly off so easily like a lot of previous Lego Star Wars builds.

I recommend adding this to your collection, the price currently is not that bad, I would expect this to be in the region of £89 – £99, but it isnt! You can get this for around £30 cheaper here…. There is another alternative that I would also consider the LEGO Star Wars 75102: Poe’s X-Wing Fighter however a little more expensive but thevalue will really rocket over the years if its an investment you are after! Otherwise its a really cool bit of Lego to own.


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