Lego Best Sellers: March 2014

Lego Best Sellers: March 2014

Your monthly TOP 10 low-down on the most popular Lego on the market. There is no surprises that with the new Lego Movie still showing at Cinemas across the UK, all Kids(and Adults) want to get their hands on the latest Lego Movie merchandise. If you haven’t seen the Lego movie yet, what are you waiting for! It’s fantastic!

Still in top spot is the Lego Movie Getaway Glider

The Lego Green Baseplate is still making an appearance in the best sellers list – moving down to 3, this is indeed a very popular item over the course of time, baseplate’s are a necessity as the actual Lego bricks. Speaking of which, the basic brick set also made the cut for best sellers moving up into 2nd place.

Entry of the month goes to the Lego Technic Hovercraft in 7th place!

Without further ado, top 10 Lego best sellers in order:

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