Lego Investment

Investment in Lego may not be as dumb as it sounds

I stumbled into my investment when looking at the website analytic report, I noticed that most users were looking for Lego numbers that have recently been discontinued or “retired” according to Lego. This wasn’t the only thing I noticed, the price for such items were at least 3x more than the RRP. E.g. LEGO Bricks & More 5508: Deluxe Brick Box is selling on Amazon for over £90, recently discontinued and hard to get. Originally, they were selling on Very for £20!(source:Hot UK Deals). Consumers do pay the high prices though as they have bought these items through this website – seems a little daft when they could get the newer equivalent for £24 or so here!

If only I could find out what models would be discontinued and then buy up as many as I could afford, then sell them on a few years later. But wait… we do know what models will be retired soon courtesy of Lego themselves – thankyou!

Unlike a financial investment, with Lego you know you will always get at least the money you paid back for it. Lego must be the only toy to hold its value even in used condition.

Here (below) is the item I bought two of because its retiring and personally I think its cool, so if I am wrong in a years time and its not tripled in value my son will have one and the other will make a nice present – otherwise I’m guaranteed to sell and get at least my money back.

I’ve learnt Lego do this every year around September to November time – so these months we need to check the links and make investment after investment after investment!

Investment LEGO-Star-Wars-75039-V-Wing-Starfighter-0-6