Black Friday Lego Sales

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Black Friday Lego Sales – Things you need to know…

My advice is not to get caught up in the Black Friday hype, especially when it comes to Lego. I did an article a few weeks ago on Investing in Lego, this needs to be kept in mind before anybody buys, even if you are simply buying for Xmas.

Black Friday is good to by appliances if that’s what you need rather than want. So if your washing machine breaks down today, wait until next Friday and get it cheaper. However, if you want to buy toys for Christmas and in-particularly Lego then be careful, there maybe one or two good deals but don’t expect to fill your cart with them.

Next Friday I will be looking at all the Lego deals and weighing up the reduced price against the possibility of that item going out of stock and its popularity – see top performing retired Lego. I will also refers to the “soon to be discontinued” Lego items and see if they are on sale. I won’t be buying anything cheap just because they have reduced the price for Black Friday because the chances are they will lower the price next year or even 2 weeks before Xmas anyway!

Study Hot UK Deals for the latest deals but don’t be fooled into buying anything just because the masses are. I saw an old deal on there selling Lego Windows and Doors 6117 for £9.99, now recently these were going for £59.99 on Amazon! Why? because you cant get Lego 6117 for love nor money, so if you can find a deal like this old one, buy lots and lots, keep hold of them until they are sort after the following year!

Have a safe online shopping experience, remember to choose wisely! Please check out our for the best deals before making any Lego purchases.